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Hear What Our Patients and Their Families are Telling Us


OnPointe At Home strives to provide excellent care for all of our patients and to be the service provider that delivers a level of service patients didn't know even existed. We do that by serving as a “hospital without walls.” We can treat a patient in their own home where studies have shown they can recover faster and more fully, living independent, better quality lives so that they don’t have to be admitted to the hospital again.

For all of the elements that distinguish us in the industry, our patients and their families say it best. Here we share some of the stories those individuals have brought to us:

Our home was built in 2014, it has numerous features that meet ADA Standards (ramps, assist bars in bathrooms, easy access for wheelchairs and showers, wide doors, hard wood and tile floors, no facilities or carpets that would cause one to trip). The therapists were impressed with the facilities.

~ Jay Smith Jr.

The staff was very professional. PT excellent, CT excellent, Speech well done. I can’t speak enough about the skill and love that the staff helped me though a stroke.

~ Mark Sutton

Keep up the good work.

~ Nancy Salazar

All of the home care agents were very caring, respectable and were very concerned about my health. I am very happy about all the care that I got. Thank you.

~ Phyllis Salazar

Thank you to all who cared for my father in the time of his need. Everyone was so kind and so helpful, if we are ever in need again, OnPointe At Home is who I would contact.

~ Miguel Pohl

Great job Nick, Marissa and Andrea Thank you for everything!

~ Monique Le Febre

My physical therapist Josephine was friendly, caring and professional. She managed to make each therapy session valuable without making it seem too difficult. I actually looked forward to her visits even though I knew I would have to put forth some exertion. She helped me get back to my normal routine.

~ Carol Lopez

My husband has dementia and has recently had a stroke. He is 80 years old. OnPointe is responsible for helping us to adjust to home life after his stroke as he had been in rehab for 2 weeks after his stroke. Their staff are so kind, compassionate and knowledgeable. I could not have made the adjustment in his care without them. My husband and I always looked forward to their visits.

~ Margaret B. Howard

After being discharged from the hospital and rehab facility from pneumonia, fluid in the lungs and scarring, my daughter who is my attorney and guardian made all the necessary arrangements for OnPointe At Home care to continue the therapies that the rehab facility instituted. There was a nurse who assessed whatever I needed. There were two PT and OT highly qualified professionals to continue the therapies. Their names are Marisa Gillispe and the other one I don’t quite remember. But any of these two PT and OT are ultimate professionals, very compassionate.

~ Benedicto Irizari

RN Andrea was very good and explained answers very carefully. RN Ronald Domingauer was very good and cooperate.

~ Daniel Bravine

Rylee, PTA was very good. Explained treatment thoroughly.

~ Pauline Bravine

Very nice service of physical therapy.

~ Diana Caralivanos

All employees are great, Christine OT is the best.

~ Ruth Comer

Barbara Egleman provides me with the absolute best care possible. I have been blessed to have her to help me recover from all my surgeries, illnesses and injuries. She is a true professional and a very caring and helpful person. She goes out of her way to ensure patients are taken care of. I am extremely thankful to have her in my life it’s much better with her in it, I can’t say enough!

~ Crickett Cockrum

All the staff at OnPointe have been great, I was really blessed to have them taking care of me. Their help is and will always be appreciated. To all you wonderful staff. Thank you!

~ Christina Duran

All of my therapists and nurses were very patient with me. They reviewed vitals and medicine each visit. They did their exercises along side of me to show the correct method. Thank you, Blessings.

~ Mary Dufour

The girls who came over to see Louis were very nice and he felt very comfortable with them.

~ Louis Garcia

Nick Abeyta was my PT and he was excellent. I have had 2 others from other agencies and he was more knowledgeable and helped me more. If I need more PT, I would request him.

~ Robert Galbraith

The greatest help ever.

~ Robert Hobbs

Both my nurse ad my physical therapist were exceptionally capable women and made rapid recovery during the time they came to my home. They were both efficient. They did much for me especially during their early visits when I needed encouragement. Although I did not anticipate their efforts, I am very grateful to them and OnPointe.

~ Elizabeth Hoobler

Hospice was a wonderful choice we made. I couldn’t have cared for Guadalupe at home without Hospice. I knew what to expect because everything was explained to me. Thank you all so very much.

~ Guadalupe Garcia

Everyone was so amazingly helpful. So caring and thoughtful. Everyone made it peaceful and exactly what she wanted. They were very kind to me and my family as well.

~ Eddie Martinez

I think back when your people helped me with my wife. God bless you and thank you.

~ Antonia Ortiz

All of the staff were professional and compassionate. The only person we had a problem with was the occupational therapist.

~ Guadalupe Perez

I cannot begin to express my appreciation for the care and comfort my mother received during her care. The staff was amazing and they made her feel comfortable. Patients just want to be heard, and that is exactly what you did. Everyone who came to see my mom was amazing and had compassion for my mom and she felt like they really cared for her. It made things easier for my mom who was suffering from C.O.P.D. My mom unfortunately lost her battle but I am grateful for OnPointe At Home was there to make her feel comfortable in her time of need. She wanted to be home when she passed and they made it possible for her to pass away in the comfort of her own home without her having to go to the hospital, which meant a lot to her. OnPointe At Home was the best decision for my mom, the staff was respectable, loving, caring and understanding. All of that was new to my mom and I. In the beginning, we were both worried about the situation, but soon after we were happy we made the decision to allow OnPointe At Home into our home. Losing a loved one is hard, but when you have a caring staff it makes things a little easier.

~ Michelle Garcia

I would like to recommend On Pointe’s COPD program. My mother was accepted into On Pointe’s COPD program in spring of 2016. She was having more frequent serious complications from her COPD and although the medical care she was receiving from Presbyterian was of good quality she did not wish to be hospitalized again.

My mother was evaluated for the COPD program by Sabrina a respiratory therapist for On Pointe. Sabrina was professional, informative and most importantly caring and personable. My mother was accepted into the program. On Pointe quickly supplied us with emergency medications, home medical equipment, oxygen, and an emergency alert button. I moved in with my mother to help care for her after her last hospitalization. Even though I was in the house the alert button came in handy on many occasions. My mother didn’t have to think just push a button and she could get assistance without losing her hospice status.

The most important aspect of On Pointe’s service is the personal attention given to patients. My mother got to know many of the staff and enjoyed talking to them when they came to check on her. To her they were more than just caretakers and medical personnel, they were friends. I found the staff to be kind, attentive and caring. When she became ill in January 2017 we called upon them multiple times to help us make her more comfortable. The staff responded and was able to make her more comfortable. My mother passed away in February 2017. I feel that with my help and On Pointe’s care her last year with us was a good one.

~ Paul Alcala

I would like to thank the entire Onpointe Team for the excellent care they provided for my sister Linda Fontenot. The entire staff was very helpful in all aspects. I would like give a special thanks to Respiratory Team in the care they provided, Sabrina went over and beyond the call of duty to ensure that Linda was receiving the absolute best care at her time of need.

~ Justin Fontenot


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